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The DUI Book - Press Release


New Drunk Driving Book Called "First of its Kind"

Birmingham, Michigan attorney Patrick T. Barone has collaborated with Atlanta Georgia attorney William C. Head to write a first of its kind reference resource for those who are or may become accused of drunk or drugged driving. This new hardbound book is called “The DUI Book, A Citizen’s Guide on Fighting a Drunk Driving Case” and consists of over 600 pages of useful information all written in plain English.

The authors wrote The DUI Book because more than 1.6 million persons are accused of drunk driving in the U.S. every year, and each of them wants to know what will happen to their driver’s license if they are convicted, whether they will go to jail, and how an a conviction will impact their job, their ability to travel and their ability to maintain or pay for automobile insurance. The DUI Book answers these questions in an authoritative though surprisingly simple manner, and lawyers from many states have praised the book for its straightforward approach to this increasingly complex area of the law.

Mr. Barone said he decided to devote the time and effort necessary to write The DUI Book “because I believe that most lawyers who handle DUI cases plead their clients guilty due to the fact that they lack the specialized knowledge to actually defend them. The result of this is that most lawyers miss possible defenses and generally provide an exceptionally low level of court room advocacy for their clients.” Mr. Barone is also the author of “Defending Drinking Drivers” a multi-volume legal treatise relied on by dedicated DUI defense lawyers throughout the country.

The DUI Book provides plainly written descriptions of the various stages of a typical DUI case including multiple sections describing the pre-arrest, arrest, post-arrest, bonding out, attorney selection, pre-trial, mid-trial, and post-trial processes. Several chapters of The DUI Book also describe the sometimes faulty science behind field sobriety exercises and breath and blood testing. The book suggests that much of what the government wishes to pass off as "science" is not really science at all. The conclusion drawn is that Michigan’s prosecutors use the existing laws to help them present this bad science to the jury. In this way the law actually helps prosecutors bring about wrongful convictions.

The DUI Book is organized in an easy-to-follow format, and is written for a non-lawyer’s reading level. Nevertheless, the book contains so many legal references that it is an excellent primer for the new or non-specialist lawyer. These references include thousands of cases to help illustrate how each idea or legal defense presented in The DUI Book might be employed to effectively present an accused citizen’s case. Mr. Barone said “I hope that by purchasing and reading the book, citizens and their lawyers will be able to more intelligently and effectively defend these charges.” The DUI Book can be purchased directly from Mr. Barone by calling (248) 306-9158 .


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