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The DUI Book

A Citizen's Handbook on Fighting a Drunk Driving Case

by William C. Head, Esq. and Patrick T. Barone, Esq.

“The DUI Book” is an excellent resource of over 600 pages long and provides information and answers to the accused about all the various stages of a drunk driving case beginning with pre-arrest, arrest, post-arrest, pre-trial, trial and carrying through all the way through to appeal. It also contains a great deal of information about chemical and field testing. This hardbound book (8.5 x 11 format) is intended to provide an invaluable source of anxiety relief to persons accused of drunk driving by providing answers about how the system works and about what to expect as their case moves through it. Many of the possible defenses to a drunk driving case are also described in detail. An entire chapter of the book is devoted to teaching citizens how to find a top DUI lawyer, thereby increasing the chances of winning their case.

This book has been "in the making" for over the last three years, and I co-authored this book with Mr. William Head , a top DUI lawyer from Atlanta Georgia. The Michigan edition contains over 1000 legal cites for Michigan and National case law. Because of this it is an excellent primer for the new lawyer even though the focus of the book is primarily to provide information to the accused.

The cost of this book is $99.95, and can be purchased directly through my office or from www.theduibook.com. Also see the press release.

What Others Have To Say

I just went to  www.theDUIbook.com and read the excerpts-from-20-chapters. Predictably, each is a gem. Undoubtedly, each paragraph is a gem. This book should be REQUIRED reading not only for every DUI client, but also for all lawyers who care about their DUI clients.  Whatever you have wanted to say to DUI clients is probably in there -- together with other things you may not yet have not faced but might well face in the future.

Consider including this book in the "information packet" to your clients -- after first studying it first, of course. 

Dennis Hoover, Esq.
Indiana DUI defense attorney


Price $99.95
plus $6.15 shipping 
(United States Priority Mail). 
[Hardbound Cover, 620 Pages] 
Michigan residents add $6.00 for sales tax.

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Multiple books can be ordered at a discounted price. E-mail Mr. Barone for a Price Quote.


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