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Arrested for DUI in Michigan? I Can Help You!

The Michigan DUI Lawyer you Choose To Represent You Will Absolutely Make A Big Difference!

A DUI Arrest in Michigan is always an unexpected, humbling and potentially humiliating situation, but I can put my expert knowledge of DUI cases to work for you and keep your Michigan arrest from overwhelming or even devastating your life.  I can also help you to restore and then maintain your dignity as I guide you through the Michigan court system, a system you're probably not familiar with. I will put my expert knowledge, vast experience and excellent reputation in Michigan and in the Michigan court system to work for you - and I will help you to obtain the results you hope for.

I exclusively represent the drunk driving accused, and after many years it’s become very clear to me that this is an enormously traumatic experience for you. My years of experience handling cases in Michigan have given me a pretty good understanding of the myriad emotions you're feeling right now, feelings like fear, anger and confusion. You may even be feeling a bit indignant. In fact, this may be the first time in your life that you’ve felt so out of control – a feeling that undoubtedly started when the officer first ordered you to “please step out of the car”. You're probably also feeling a loss of control over what the Michigan Courts will do to you if you are convicted of drunk driving, and wondering how such a conviction will effect your job, your finances and your marriage.

You’ve probably already done some research before landing on this page, so undoubtedly you understand how serious the Michigan drunk driving laws and potential penalties for DUI/OWI/OWVI are, if you are convicted. For more details, consult my Michigan DUI penalties page. I hope you also understand that the lawyer choice that you make right now might have a significant impact on whether or not you lose your license and what will happen to your job, your insurance – maybe even your freedom.

Often my clients ask me “isn’t it pretty much hopeless, I mean I was drinking, and look at what the police say my blood alcohol level was”. While it is true that drunk driving cases are very difficult to defend, we do successfully represent our clients every time we're in Court. Because the prosecutor will want to see that you are convicted, and will know how to sway the Judge or Jury to ensure this result, you must obtain a lawyer who is even more skilled, and if need be, who is not afraid to take your case to trial.  Let us put our considerable knowledge, trial skill and experience in defending Michigan DUI cases to work for you so that we can obtain for you the best possible results.

I am committed to what I do, and I take all of my clients and their cases very seriously. If you retain my law firm to represent you then I promise you that I will do everything in my power to represent you in the best possible way. This is my vow to you - my promise and my pledge.

Pleases contact my office for a FREE CASE REVIEW. When we speak I will explain to you how I can defend your case. If you like what you hear, then we can meet in my office for a free consultation.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and read what I’ve written here about the Michigan DUI laws. I look forward to talking to you about your case.

Patrick T. Barone

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WARNING! MICHIGAN 14 DAY LIMIT - If you refused to take a breath, blood or urine test after being arrested for Driving Under the Influence, OWI/OWVI, or another drinking related charge in Michigan, your license may be at risk of being suspended if you do not take appropriate action to demand an administrative hearing within 14 days after your arrest. Get more information about saving your driver's license NOW before it's too late.

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